MoneySpinners 2011 Charity Bike Ride

Paris to Bordeaux

September 3rd - 10th 2011. 600 miles in 8 days to raise £32,000 for charity.

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target MoneySpinners' nominated charity for 2011 is The Alzheimer's Society.

In England alone, there are currently 600,000 people living with Alzheimer's or dementia. That number is expected to more than double over the next 20 years.

The Alzheimer's society works to improve the quality of life of people affected by dementia in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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Everyone gone except Sarah and me. We are enjoying some relaxed time drinking fine wines in St Emillion. from txt
11/09/2011 17:46:00
At the airport.Feels very strange not having to cycle today.Great group to cycle with.That's it for another year.Off to collect more money! from Twitter for iPhone
11/09/2011 07:01:00
1000kms for me feel brilliant - may let my hair down tonite a wee bit. :) from txt
10/09/2011 17:03:00
Finished!!! 640 miles What an adventure. Amazing team. Wine tasting to finish the day and a celebratory dinner later. Moneyspinners are … from txt
10/09/2011 17:03:00
Finished!!!! What a journey. Crew did a nice touch with bubbly & balloons. from txt
10/09/2011 17:02:00
Lunch. Only 35 miles left. Gorgeous day. Wine tasting an cycling this afternoon. Could be dangerous! from txt
10/09/2011 10:39:00
@AnnieMColeman: @Chappo2112I will do my very best. But AT already aired his derriere! Thanks for your support. The team miss you! from txt
10/09/2011 10:35:00
Last day and a weary team left at 8am. However sun is shining,terrain is flat and the wind light. @firststop 80km to go from Twitter for iPhone
10/09/2011 07:58:00
Last day - sun shining. For once I am looking forward to cycling! from txt
10/09/2011 05:47:00
St. Emilion 4k from our final destination for the day from Twitter for iPhone
09/09/2011 14:25:00
Temps up to 33c -a tad warm for those used to a British summer.Fast progress today at an average of 17.5 mph. Looking forward to a cool beer from Twitter for iPhone
09/09/2011 13:26:00
Lunch stop. The sun is out, we are going downhill and after a week the legs are working better. Happy days for the team. from Twitter for iPhone
09/09/2011 10:44:00
Beautiful cycling through Bordeaux today. Sun shining. Happy days from txt
09/09/2011 10:36:00
We are back. iPhone placed in rice after getting very wet brings it back to life. Thanks to Billy H.Riding well this morning! from Twitter for iPhone
09/09/2011 08:46:00
Slept with legs propped up on 3 pillows last night as ankles and calves swollen horribly and painfully. Mostly downhill today. Happy days! from txt
09/09/2011 05:46:00
Swollen knees. Thighs agony. But still fun! from txt
08/09/2011 12:05:00
Shorter day today. Gorgeous villages. And fois gras everywhere! from txt
08/09/2011 11:45:00
Le peloton est superb audjudhui:) from txt
08/09/2011 11:25:00
iPhone died in the monsoon yesterday and this morning is just steep hills - allegedly. Got to the first stop. So far sprinkling rain! from web
08/09/2011 09:07:00
AT at the local wine rack in Saint-Cyprien from Twitter for iPhone
08/09/2011 08:48:00
John Deane to the rescue again yesterday as I got trapped in my bike cleats in heavy traffic. What a star from txt
08/09/2011 04:51:00
Legs like the wobbliest jelly this morning. Shorter but hillier ride today from txt
08/09/2011 04:50:00
@n1ckma thanks! from txt
08/09/2011 04:49:00
Past many fields of sunflowers today.After the weather we have had today I see a claim under the trade descriptions act being prepared! from Twitter for iPhone
07/09/2011 20:37:00
84.3miles. Torrential rain. Little cry after lunch as scared of steep downhills, pouring rain and ginormous lorries at speed. from txt
07/09/2011 17:59:00
OMG! 137km in a monsoon in 10 hours!:'( from txt
07/09/2011 17:31:00
It is not 42km it is 55km from lunch to the finish. Mutter mutter. Horrible weather for the first 28. from Twitter for iPhone
07/09/2011 15:14:00
OMG! 137km in a monsoon in 10 hours!:'( from txt
07/09/2011 17:31:00
Late lunch stop and in from the rain for a while. Aches and pains all round but only 42km to go this afternoon-don't mention the hills from Twitter for iPhone
07/09/2011 12:40:00
Passing villages with names of Prune like my face after wind and rain and Tendu like my bottom feels from txt
07/09/2011 12:15:00
Lots of steep hills heavy rain and strong winds. The power of the team keeping me going and smiling from txt
07/09/2011 12:14:00
Agony today. Walking like John Wayne from txt
07/09/2011 12:13:00
At 2nd stop. Wet day and no prospect of sun @ the moment. Head down and keep peddling.Team in good spirit despite the weather. from Twitter for iPhone
07/09/2011 11:55:00
First stop at Oradour and visited the Centre de la Memoire Memorial to all those massacred by the SS. Lost for words from Twitter for iPhone
07/09/2011 07:41:00
Not much sleep. Every time I turned over I woke up as quads so painful from txt
07/09/2011 03:57:00
Just seen tomorrow's route. Much hillier than today- 6 Cat 5 hills. We only had 2 today and are exhausted! from txt
06/09/2011 21:26:00
The stage after lunch was just hard,very very hard.Enough said from Twitter for iPhone
06/09/2011 20:55:00
Day 4-150km up hill never felt so tired! 130km 2mrw rain:-( Thanks to all who have sponsored me so far from Twitter for iPad
06/09/2011 20:12:00
Shocker of a day. 88 miles uphill all day. Legs like jelly. Shattered from txt
06/09/2011 16:47:00
What a toughie that was a wee bit shorter than yesterday what a killer! from txt
06/09/2011 16:45:00
There are too many hills in France or @ least in our part of it. Tough section before lunch and another red in the offering- o joy! from Twitter for iPhone
06/09/2011 12:48:00
Quads screaming and calves. Faith of @AthletesAngels working her magic. from txt
06/09/2011 12:26:00
2ndstop and mutiny in ranks,wonderful coffee but no cake and after those hills we have just done we felt we deserved one.Onwards and upwards from Twitter for iPhone
06/09/2011 09:28:00
First flat tyre of the event this morning repaired quickly by Peter-must learn to do that.Legs hurting but not as much as other parts.Hey ho from Twitter for iPhone
06/09/2011 09:25:00
4th day Arghhhh - my legs won't bend anymore and the thought of sitting on a saddle for 7 hours ... from txt
06/09/2011 04:06:00
Sarah Lawson now known as Barbie as she is always chasing Ken from txt
05/09/2011 19:15:00
FTSE unfortunately tanked while we were not paying attention :-( from Twitter for iPhone
05/09/2011 18:23:00
At one of the last stops today in a small village an old French farmer came out and gave us peaches from his garden :-) from Twitter for iPhone
05/09/2011 18:22:00
Went to shop for power bars at Carrefour and Chris got arrested for shoplifting. His old sox beeped from Twitter for iPhone
05/09/2011 17:41:00
Tomorrow another 90 miles. But steady uphill all the way and two cat 5 climbs. Yikes! from TweetDeck
05/09/2011 16:49:00
knackered but happy, tiered but wacky, smelly but cracky from web
05/09/2011 16:15:00
knackered but happy, tiered but wacky, smelly but cracky from web retweeted by AnnieMColeman
05/09/2011 16:15:00
End of day 3! Sitting down with a cup of tea.Well when I say sitting I'm trying to - yes it is sore! Still trying to cycle myself fit 4:08 PM Sep 5th from Twitter for iPhone
05/09/2011 16:08:00
Fantastic day best days cycling ever. 150 km loved it. :) from txt
05/09/2011 16:06:00
Grt day today. Look forward to 150 km tomorrow grt walk in moon light by Chambord chateaux:) from txt
05/09/2011 16:05:00
Day 3 and 150km of cycling completed today now in Chateauxroux. Tired but enjoying the French countryside. Only 5 days left! from Twitter for iPad
05/09/2011 15:54:00
Legs tired but all in all not bad! John Deane my hero for looking after me especially in the traffic from txt
05/09/2011 15:38:00
Just completed over 90 miles- the furthest I have ever done! from txt
05/09/2011 15:37:00
We have just gone through a village which "The Tour" went through earlier this year. Very smooth road - we might have been a bit slower. from Twitter for iPhone
05/09/2011 14:09:00
Lunch stop. Temperature rising and energy falling. Nearly 100k done. 50k to go from Twitter for iPhone
05/09/2011 12:05:00
100 km before lunch. Weather is lovely nice French countryside, vineyards and sugar beets. from Twitter for iPhone
05/09/2011 11:48:00
RoyalLondonJohn 2nd stop. Sun is out and the temp is rising. Hills ahead I believe but do we care - actually yes, quite painfully. from Twitter for iPhone
05/09/2011 09:05:00
A haiku inspired by French sunflowers. before leaves fall: they bow in unison - heads of sunflowers from txt
05/09/2011 09:03:00
Sunshine and beautiful countryside. Peleton in full force. from txt
05/09/2011 09:01:00
Sunflowers heads turned to the earth. Mourning the end of summer from txt
05/09/2011 09:01:00
First stop- the sun is out,a fast first stretch and the mood of the team is lightened. A cup of coffee at the cafe. Too tempting to stay! from Twitter for iPhone
05/09/2011 09:01:00
We gathered at 7.30 for the off with dark clouds in the distance. An omen for the day ahead? from Twitter for iPhone
05/09/2011 07:08:00
Up early as long day. Legs a bit heavy but otherwise ok! from txt
05/09/2011 05:18:00
Arrived@Chambord but not before the rain! 150km tomorrow with more rain on the way-deep joy.Wet wet wet a boy band or the state of the team from Twitter for iPhone
04/09/2011 20:06:00
Tomorrow Day 3. It will hurt. And we have to ride 93 miles to Chateauroux from txt
04/09/2011 16:48:00
Peleton at Chambord. Large French Castle. A bit of rain on the way, but sunny again. from Twitter for iPhone
04/09/2011 14:27:00
Arrived @ lunch just as the rain started. It may be hard to get us out of here if it doesn't dry up. Actually it just may be hard full stop from Twitter for iPhone
04/09/2011 11:21:00
Stopped for lunch. Sturdy french, fish, and duck w. pepper sauce. 81 km behind us. from Twitter for iPhone
04/09/2011 11:05:00
Respect for the French as they respect us cyclists. from txt
04/09/2011 11:03:00
Half way thru second day. Very windy. Peleton riding really helps. from txt
04/09/2011 11:02:00
At 2nd stop. Cycled past many wind turbines in the "valley of wind"- they were not put there in error! Why is the wind always against you? from Twitter for iPhone
04/09/2011 08:52:00
A damp morning but at least the storms have cleared overnight.Arrived at the first stop in good time.The legs have just started to work from Twitter for iPhone
04/09/2011 07:22:00
2nd day. Mostly downhill! 75 miles. But raining. from txt
04/09/2011 05:04:00
1st day of Paris to bordeaux done great day but v. hot only got lost once! Thanks to @massageangelsfor stretching out my weary legs tonight from Twitter for iPhone
03/09/2011 20:06:00
Arrived @Chartesjust before the massive thunderstorm and high winds. Temps of 34c+ this afternoon so hot work! from Twitter for iPhone
03/09/2011 15:45:00
Within mins of arriving the most horrific thunderstorm. Thunder lightening and tumultuous rain from txt
03/09/2011 15:25:00
Just arrived Chartres 79.48 miles. 4204 calories burnt 2882 ft ascended from txt
03/09/2011 15:24:00
Last stop of the day. 30km to go.A number of old ruins have arrived at an old monument.Hard to tell the difference as both are falling apart from Twitter for iPhone
03/09/2011 13:43:00
Cobbles, hills, cycling and Annie is not a good mix from txt
03/09/2011 11:45:00
Reached lunch after a detour - a polite way of saying we get horribly lost. Grumbles in the ranks all forgotten now lunch is served from Twitter for iPhone
03/09/2011 11:28:00
Stopped for lunch w. 75 km in the legs. Very hot. from Twitter for iPhone
03/09/2011 11:17:00
Reached 2nd stop. Next stop is lunch and a leg massage - necessary if my legs are going to work this afternoon! 9:13 AM Sep 3rd from Twitter for iPhone
03/09/2011 09:13:00
First stop and the team have all arrived.Only 41 more to go from Twitter for iPhone
03/09/2011 07:55:00 from Twitter for iPhone
03/09/2011 07:52:00
Cycling through Paris past the Louvre and Eiffel Tower. Magical. 70 mile to go! from txt
03/09/2011 07:52:00
We have started. Lot of cobbles and a narrow saddle from Twitter for iPhone
03/09/2011 06:39:00
Today is the day! Excitement, fear, exhilaration as a sponsor pledged »1500 last night. Thank you from txt
03/09/2011 04:27:00
In preparation for the big ride tomorrow Paris to Bordeaux went to @tencaseslast night. Great food and wine, will def go back. from Twitter for iPhone
03/09/2011 04:10:00
A nice Saturday lie in? No. Up at the crack of dawn to cycle through Paris. from Twitter for iPhone
03/09/2011 04:03:00
Steak,chips and a glass or two of red wine with a number of the team tonight. Doesn't quite feel to be the right prep for tomorrow! from Twitter for iPhone
02/09/2011 21:55:00
The sun is shining in Paris. Briefing later. Wonder if our bikes are all here. from Twitter for iPhone
02/09/2011 17:26:00
Arrived in France. We are speeding towards Paris. The fastest I will travel for the next week. I thought weekends were for relaxing? from Twitter for iPhone
02/09/2011 16:36:00
On train to Paris with @anniemcoleman. Tomorrow we ride with @moneyspinnersfor seven days and over 600 miles. Feeling a little nervous! from Twitter for iPad
02/09/2011 14:39:00
Arrived at St Pancras to a scene of chaos.I'm on the train.My bike has gone with the teams. Customs are my last hope,delay of a week-please! from Twitter for iPhone
02/09/2011 14:01:00
Just met Frank Gardner the tv reporter. What an inspiration. How lucky are we to be able to cycle from txt
02/09/2011 12:59:00
Drinking my fav champagne Gosset at St Pancras. Start as mean to continue from txt
02/09/2011 12:58:00
3 hours before the train leaves for Paris. Cycle ride starts tomorrow. Off to the chemist for the pain killers! from Twitter for iPhone
02/09/2011 11:17:00
The bicycle is just as good company as most husbands and, when it gets old and shabby, a woman can dispose o… (cont) from TweetDeck
02/09/2011 09:15:00
"She who succeeds in gaining mastery of the bicycle will gain the mastery of life" Frances Willard, How I Learned To Ride The Bicycle, 1895 from TweetDeck
02/09/2011 09:14:00
Oh my - today we head to Paris. Allez Les Moneyspinners!! from txt
02/09/2011 09:09:00
Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving. ~Albert Einstein from TweetDeck
31/08/2011 21:45:00
The bicycle is the most efficient machine ever created: Converting calories into gas, a bicycle gets the equi… (cont) from TweetDeck
31/08/2011 21:45:00
Left my bike @ClassicToursto go Paris. Now feeling a little anxious only 2 days to go and then 600m of cycling. from web
31/08/2011 19:22:00
Now I know why we need cycling helmets - falling acorns and horse chestnuts! It really is Autumn. Hope sun shining in France next week. from txt
30/08/2011 08:02:00
tests should read tents from web
29/08/2011 21:27:00
Nice ride with Annie on Saturday - went downhill from there, with a drink, food and camp (tests) fest from web
29/08/2011 21:22:00
Last weekend of training before setting off from Paris to Pauillac 50 miles yesterday and tomorrow again to sponsor from web
28/08/2011 18:13:00
Check this MoneySpinners video out -- VID00933 @youtube from Tweet Button
27/08/2011 20:01:00
Finally I have found a MoneySpinner who hates hills as much as me! Thanks for a great ride Chris! from TweetDeck
27/08/2011 19:55:00
Quintessentially English countryside in prep for big one next week - from web
27/08/2011 12:20:00
Did 62 miles on Sunday. New saddle is fantastic. But pulled my VMO muscle. No I didn't know I had them either! from web
22/08/2011 13:30:00
Arghh - cycling and raining not for me. Better be dry in France (except for wine) from TweetDeck
20/08/2011 12:19:00
About to do a short ride of 40 miles and trying out my new Selle Italia lady gel saddle with the strategic cut out. Fingers crossed! from TweetDeck
20/08/2011 09:52:00
Was going out this evening but its raining. Fair weather cyclist! from HTC Peep
18/08/2011 18:33:00
Picking up bike from maintenance boys - out for an early spin tomorrow a.m. before work - if I can wake up from holiday slumber from web
18/08/2011 15:45:00
Just completed a back to back cycle training weekend - 72 miles Sat and 54 Sunday. Amazingly, legs, bottom, and back have survived! from web
15/08/2011 12:47:00
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